Time Management



Time Management Skills


We all have 24 hours in a day – it’s how you use them that matters!
This course looks at how you can adapt your behaviour to make time work for you. Learn the difference between important and urgent, prioritising, saying ‘no’, using day books and ‘to do’ lists plus many more skills to release more time


This one day programme looks at the key skills in time management and how to implement strategies to improve use of time.


At the end of the training, delegates should be able to:

 Know the key principles involved in Time Management
 Understand their Time Management style
 Explain the importance of stress
 Know the key times in their day
 Explain what delegation is and know what to delegate and how
 Explain why assertiveness is important in managing time
 Know their own assertive score
 Explain their own key performance times and how best to use these
 Know their own procrastination score
 Explain their key priorities
 Complete your own action plan for use in the field


 Managing Time
 Managing Stress
 Your own Time Management style
 Some Hints & Tips
 Time Management and Assertiveness
 Delegation: what, how, why, when, who
 Procrastination: your score and how to improve it
 Managing interruptions
 To Do: making and using your list
 Knowing and managing your priorities
 Urgent or important
 Effective or efficient?
 Hints and Tip
 Putting this all together
 Action Plans

All of the above contains activities and practical examples with full interactivity.

This in-house course for up to 8 people is only £1995 + VAT 

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