Reception Skills

Reception Skills

A receptionist’s job is the most important in any company – they create the first impression of the company.
Whether welcoming visitors/colleagues/employees face to face or by phone, that image needs to be consistently professional and caring. This course looks at best practice for body language¸ words and the correct tone of voice to use in all situations

Understanding the importance of the receptionist and how themselves and the reception area are the first impression

Welcoming customers, visitors and colleagues to your company. Using body language effectively and making people feel important

Welcoming customers by phone – using the correct tone of voice to give warmth and engagement to customers

Using questions effectively and supplying information positively

Saying goodbye – by face or phone – to leave a good lasting impression of your company

Handling difficult callers and visitors so that everyone has a pleasant interface with your company


“Good set up, learnt more than expected, definitely be able to use the skills learnt within my job” AC – Bishop Aukland Co Durham