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Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Every company needs to deliver excellent customer service – face to face , by telephone and also by email.
Knowing how to treat a customer – even an awkward one – or a complaining one – adds to the chances of your customers coming back for more of your products and services.

- Communication face to face, by phone and by email

- First impressions face to face to make the customer feel important

- Using appropriate body language to engage the customer

- Giving the customer your whole attention

- Making every phone call count using a tried and tested formula

- The VAL factor – voice – attitude – listening

- Asking appropriate questions

- Supplying positive information without negative words and jargon

- Leaving the customer with a good feeling

- Writing a good email which is to the point, relevant and succinct

– Avoiding the pitfalls of email – there is no tone of voice!

– Handling difficult customers at all times


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