Communication Skills

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate is essential to any employee, but do we know how we communicate beyond our language?


 What is effective communication

 The role of communication in management and leadership

 Communication options: written, verbal, visual

 Choosing your best option and when to use each

 The basics of written communication: getting emails clear and concise

 Visual communication: how to use this to improve your message

 Body language

 Verbal communication: words, tone and delivery

 Listening skills and the importance of active listening

 Empathy and rapport

 Assertive communication and the importance of this in managing and        leading

 Influencing and persuading

 Team meeting communication

 Presenting to teams

 Transactional Analysis and how to use this in management

 TA activity

 How, when and why to communicate

 Communication activity

 Communicating positively: using questions and listening

 Communication: you cannot not communicate

 Action Plans

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