The main point of a will is to ensure that your wishes are heard and implemented after your passing.

When someone passes away it is a traumatic time for the ones left behind, a will can help to stop family arguments over money and ensure your special items go where you would like them to.

We offer a professional will writing service that can ensure your loved ones know what your wishes are.  With a professionally written will,  probate should be quicker and easier to navigate.

We offer a basic single will for £120  £100 and basic joint mirror wills for £204  £164, offer period until 23rd August 2019

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Power of Attorney

Incapacity can affect families in many ways the unexpected way is the loss of access to loved ones finances to pay their bills.  If someone loses the capacity to think rationally then you could find their bank accounts frozen, this can lead to difficulties in making financial payments for normal household bills etc, especially if there is a partner relying on those payments.

We can offer a professional Power of Attorney to ensure should this happen, either through illness or accident, then an appointed proxy can take over the running of that persons finances.

The cost of this is just £360 plus registration fees

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We also offer a range of trusts either in your will or stand alone

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