We have the following Seminars coming up.  From 17th May 2021 to 21st June  2021 these will be limited in numbers to allow for social distancing.   All these semninars are free to attend.

We are initially taking expressions of interest and will set a date when we have enough to attend.  So please register an interest   Here

New Business Start Ups

What’s involved with starting a new business?   Self Employed? Limited Company? Partnership? Limited Liability Partnership?

We go through the ins and outs of setting yourself up as self employed, what to watch out for and the help available.

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First Time Buyers

How do you buy a house?  What’s involved in getting a mortgage?  We answer the questions about buying your first home, what to look out for in a viewing and the process of looking to moving in.

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Buy to Let – Getting Started

New to buy to let?  This is for you. We cover the way Buy to Let works and the pitfalls to look out for, how to get finance and getting started in this lucrative industry.

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Buy to Let  – Advanced

Already got Buy to Let propserties? then this seminar will look at the market place and what’s happening, as well as strategies to grow your portfolio, and how to minimise risk.

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Approching Retirement

Aged 55 plus?  This seminar is for you.  We will look at the challenges facing you when you approach retirement, covering making a will, pension options, funeral plans and tax planning.

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Going Online – How? Why? When? NOW!

Covid has changed the way we do business. For ever. Before very long it will be the case that if you want to do business you will need to have a web site. The trend has been clear for some time. Covid has simply accelerated its progress, but by a huge amount.

This FREE seminar will introduce you to the questions you need to ask, help you to answer many of them and show you the way forward in establishing your web presence whatever type of business you are in.

From now on these questions will be asked automatically by anybody thinking about starting in business. Because online won’t be an afterthought. It wll be the owner’s first thought.

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