Top Tips For Leaders

How to be a good Leader



Listen to others. Even though you are the team leader and you make the decisions, you should always ask people what their opinion is. Try to incorporate them whenever it’s feasible. You aren’t a dictator.


Take in others’ suggestions. When someone gives you an idea, work on it. Think of how you can improve on it. A good leader is one that listens and not just talks. Show the team you are flexible to consider their thoughts.


Include everyone. If some people are a little left behind, help them. Always try to include them. Find a task for everyone no matter what their skill or level.


Encourage your team. Sometimes people are scared to try something and this is where the leader comes in. You have to encourage your team mates and show them that the task is possible, even if difficult, and try to make it fun for them. Show them the positive results of their work.


Know what you are talking about. If your teammates are as confused as you are, how will they know what to do? As the leader, you must do the research first, or have the most information.

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New Training Dates

We have published dates for training in the first quarter of 2015

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Management Essentials


Our Management Essentials Programme has been developed to provide the essential skills required by managers and team leaders in the modern business environment.

Full details on our website

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New Microsoft Courses

New range of Microsoft Office courses available as in house courses

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In House Training Courses

All our training courses can be done on your premises, ask about in house courses.

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